Procrastination Monkey


This is a great article.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I EXCEL at procrastination. In fact, I’ve been called a “great time-wasting engineer”.   Terrible.  

The problem can be traced back to that strange, mysterious thing which efficient people call the  “step-by-step process”.   Herein lies the issue.  For me, that phrase translates to “does not compute, does not compute, does not compute”.  lol.

I believe we procrastinators do, in fact envision a most glorious, successful, completed end-goal of whatever it is we desire….and really WANT it! But it’s just the GETTING there that seems insurmountable.  I start a million things, but rarely do I finish them – even though I have  the best intentions and dream of reaching my  goals.  Dreaming. That’s another problem.

Dreaming  and wanting does not equal DOING.

A senior manager once gave me a great bit of advice.  He said what worked for him was writing out this single phrase on an index card or Post-it note.  Place it where you will see it everyday: your desk, your bathroom mirror, your computer, anywhere. It helps jumpstart oneself into action.

This is what you write :   WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

A combination of using that note, along with the advice from the article should help –  and if you don’t procrastinate in reading the article – you might find it helpful as well!   Best of luck to all my fellow procrastinators out there!!

WE CAN DO IT !!  Have faith :)

Movie Review: The Lunchbox



A film for everyone, especially for romantics.
Nothing “bad” is shown in this movie, but people under the age of 18 may not have an appreciation for it – I think it may appeal more to celibate and married, middle-aged/older people.
The Lunchbox is an interesting film about a friendship that develops due to a error in the day-to-day process of having lunch delivered.
I was fascinated to see – and subsequently learn – about dabbawalas, which I didn’t know about.

During the film I thought, why aren’t there cafeterias? Why aren’t folks bringing their own lunches to work? But then I realized, this system helps increase wealth through the creation of jobs, and this process is part of a culture different than to what I have been exposed to. It really is fascinating, and I am so grateful for having learned something new!

The story and acting are terrific, I highly recommend this movie!


Beauty.. Does Your Face Fit “the Mask”?


Chasing Beauty


Have you seen the documentary, Chasing Beauty“? 

I am completely fascinated by this beauty “mask” they mention in the movie. Apparently,  utilizing The Golden Ratio, a mask has been devised, which, when placed over a person’s picture, shows you how “beautiful” a person is.

See a video demonstration here:

Try it out for yourselves here:

What do you think? Do you agree? Disagree?


Marquardt Beauty Mask


I Saw The CLAW!!!



north river

Whether you are visiting New York City for the very first time or have been a “New Yohkah” for many, many moons – if you have about two hours – go check out the North River Lobster Company this summer.

Located at Pier 81,  West 41st Street (off of 12th Avenue – at the water)

Walk towards the west side of Manhattan.  If your compass or sense of direction is a little off that day, have no fear – New York has many identifiable landmarks to assist you get your bearings.   In this case, should you suddenly find yourself facing 194 colorful flags – TURN AROUND – you went the wrong way and are now at the United Nations General Assembly Building.  So, once turned around and heading west the approximate walking time across Manhattan in either east/west direction is a good 45 minutes.  Once you walk past the majestic Intrepid, take in the sights,  then make your way to the  North River Lobster Company Boat.

The North River Lobster Company is a brand-new floating lobster “shack”  – and, in my opinion, really terrific.  The boat leaves the dock several times a day and makes it’s way slowly up the Hudson River – then comes right back to shore (all in all –  about 40 mins sailing time). I

Free:    It’s free to walk unto the boat – you can stay all day if you like.

The ship is brand new , very clean, nicely decorated – has three levels with a bar each (and clean, sizable bathrooms on the first and second levels).

-First level:  Bar (standing room)

-Second level: Rows of tall wooden communal tables & stools as well as regular tables and chairs/benches. Tasty food and drinks can be ordered from the bar – though here you can also find a beautifully presented raw bar.

-Third level:  Outside deck with tables, benches  – and it’s own bar as well.

The food is delicious and the prices very reasonable.   I  ordered the Lobster Roll (came with a bag of chips and sauerkraut)  and it was excellent.  For drinks – I highly recommend the Nautical Margarita served in a Mason jar souvenir glass! A couple of extra bucks, but makes for a good keepsake.

The staff is super-friendly and helpful, makes for a pleasant visit..  all around it’s a fun time to be had.  The moveable restaurant setting makes for a unique – and jovial – environment.  You are free to roam around the ship, take pictures, eat, meet others, or even sit by yourself if you prefer.  After your excursion is over, you really will feel like you’ve just returned from a mini-vacation! I loved it.

It’s fun, was comfortable and was really – a very pleasant experience. I can’t say enough good things about it – I highly recommend it !   If you go, ENJOY !! (You can even watch the World Cup games on the ship!)