Beauty.. Does Your Face Fit “the Mask”?


Chasing Beauty


Have you seen the documentary, Chasing Beauty“? 

I am completely fascinated by this beauty “mask” they mention in the movie. Apparently,  utilizing The Golden Ratio, a mask has been devised, which, when placed over a person’s picture, shows you how “beautiful” a person is.

See a video demonstration here:

Try it out for yourselves here:

What do you think? Do you agree? Disagree?


Marquardt Beauty Mask


Twinkies or Yogurt?


Personally, I don’t care for Twinkies, so that part is OK with me.                                 However, the yogurt part is annoying. The sugar content now?

Like all carbohydrates, sugar contains 4 calories per gram.

I mean seriously, what’s a person to do ?

It’s very hard for me to “be good” (can’t seem to do it) and stay on (get on?) track with the “healthy” foods when I could basically live on cheese, more cheese, meat (smoked/steak/raw, you name it), and all the salty foods in the universe.

It’s almost impossible for me to garner enough willpower in the mornings and make myself eat yogurt instead of a bacon, egg and cheese on a roll.  This article just made me roll my eyes because now – what’s worse? Is the sugar in the yogurt worse than the fat in the bacon?  I WANT to be healthy! I just don’t want to have to eat plain yogurt, boiled fish and steamed broccoli every day.. (actually, that would be ANY day for that matter).

When I do try to eat healthy and decide on a yogurt – I’m picky.  There are really only four types of yogurt that are my go-to… so I decided to check their nutritional value and see where they stand.  Here they are in no particular order.

1) Well, one of my favorites is actually listed in this article.  Figures.                                               Dannon Fruit On The Bottom Blueberry  – 24 grams of sugar

2) Fage 2% Greek yogurt with honey  – 29 grams of sugar

3) Lowfat Kefir plain drinkable yogurt -  Hey! Only 12 grams!

4) Muller Choco Balls  – 26 grams

This is just SO depressing!  Asides from the Kefir, the others pretty much show high numbers. This is a fun site that illustrates the sugar concept…

What do you guys think? What is your favorite yogurt? What do you eat for breakfast? What are your thoughts on sugar? Let me know! I’m curious.

Have a great evening!

Weight Loss Surgery Affects Taste Buds


Interesting read!


Of the listed surgical processes in the articles above, I only know of one person who has had one of these done.  A few years ago, a friend decided on the lap-band surgery. It was definitely tough for her to adjust to at first. The tiny amount of food her body was now constricted to made it so that she could only eat a handful of cereal (like Apple Jacks) in an 11-hour stretch.  Over time, she went from her starting weight of  around 330 pounds to a size 4 (and I think around 110 pounds). She was very happy with the results!

It’s interesting to see though that taste buds seem to get altered in the process.

What are your thoughts? Have you or anyone you know had one of these procedures done?  Can you confirm that taste buds do seem to change?

Have a great day everyone!

Forget it ALL- Because you already know what to do


I give up. And you should too. What should we give up?  Taking to heart any set advice from the media and/or medical association.  Pretty extreme statement right ? Well, hear me out.  I am annoyed – and I’m sure … Continue reading