Be Resolved about your Resolutions!

So, 2012 is upon us in less than 24 hours.. Each year, it seems many of us decide to either make no resolutions -or make too many unattainable ones – only to have them dissipate by January 10th..
Now yes, not making any resolutions CAN prevent you from becoming disappointed however, it also may stop us from striving to better ourselves.

So what’s a person to do?

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:
1) It takes 21 days up to 3 months to form a habit.

2) Novelty (of any new routine or anything) wears off completely after only 3 short weeks!!! so plan ahead!

3) Baby steps! I know I have the hardest time with this one… I usually want to start a project or work out for only one day and yet aim to have a completed masterpiece or a whole new body by the very next day….Ain’t gonna happen!!
( It took me 6 long years to put on the extra 40 pounds I want to lose. I won’t lose them in 6 days! ) Don’t get discouraged!

4) Be accountable for the resolutions you are committing to by sharing it with others and letting your friends know of your progress or if you fall off that proverbial wagon!

5) Keep track of things! This year I am going to use a simple monthly planner.

6) Stay motivated!
Only 365 days to go!!


Going to work on my goals and plan out my strategy …. do the same – and let’s make ourselves the best we can possibly be in 2012!!!


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