No Smoking


Have any of you ever quit smoking?
Did you ever start back up and quit again or never touched another cigarette again? Or maybe just surrendered to the cravings all together and decided to quit “another day” ?
Considering the factors that

1) They are most unhealthy and guarantee premature death
2) Cigarettes are harder to quit the older you get
3) Cost $13/pack in NY

and a plethora of other reasons… that I am trying to stop .. yet again, as I had foolishly started back up after a three year hiatus.
Now, have done cold turkey, have done the patch, but since these were getting tougher to quit with, went to my doctor who prescribed Chantix.
After reading this horrifying article
I decided to skip the Chantix. A friend of mine did come up with a great concept though. Cigarettes are two things: 1) 600 chemicals and 2) nicotine; so get rid of the 600 chemicals first by switching to cigarettes like Natural American Spirits first, THEN kick the nicotine addiction by sleeping it off or using the patch.

Ok, worth a shot right?

Well, switching over to these “additive free” cigarettes last Thursday was definitely more than unpleasant – withdrawal symptoms, aches & pains, can’t breathe, etc. To the point where, If that’s what I have to smoke then I totally WANT to quit. So, this idea seems to be working. I think I am ready for the patch… Not bad!

Thoughts or comments my friends?

A.M. Walk


Woke up in a cold sweat. Having suffered through a night of horrific nightmares, the like I haven’t had since I was a kid, I then did what anyone else would do upon waking… and called the wise sage we call mom.

Now, not one to usually ask for or take advice at times, the Wise Sage’s cure-all response was, “Go for a walk.” Now, what, moi??? Go for a walk ? In Manhattan? At 8:30 in the morning on a SATURDAY? Goodness gracious, that’s usually the time I come HOME from being out on some random adventure! But, fine.

There’s a first time for everything, right??

          So, armed with my iPhone iMapMyFitness app and some 90’s New Wave tunes, off I went into the wee early morning hours…

Within a few minutes, I realized that being out this early DOES have it’s advantages! There are no people to get in the way of my pictures ! So here’s some of sights…enjoy!

First, came across Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club. I heard through the grapevine that he pumped around $10 million dollars into it recently, including $1 million for a brand-spanking new sound system.

40/40 Club

Next, past the historic Flatiron building – I never get jaded looking at the marvelous architecture of that building – it’s too unique and as “New York” as you can get ! (And who knew it was built in 1902!) Now you learned something new too!

Flatiron Building

Continuing on, walked past some of our most favorite places:

Home Depot – Best place to buy 10 tikki torches 5 minutes before store closes for 4th of July weekend.

Home Depot

Rickshaw – Best out-of-the-norm dessert.You haven’t lived till you’ve tried their Chocolate Shanghai Dumplings.


From favorites to the unknown –

and so would have it, arrived to my destination..

One of my top ten favorites.. The Container Store!

The Container Store

The Container Store

On the walk home, went past Gramercy Park and was rewarded with a gorgeous sky..

and upon getting home, my iMapMyFitness app rewarded me with the following stats:

55 minute walk, 3.82 miles, 291 calories burned.

hhmmm….mom  may be unto something here..

Have a great weekend everyone !

Frittata Nirvana


A grumbling stomach is what woke me up this morning (oh…ok, noon)…

Opening the window to feel the  frigid air and seeing two inches of snow (not a lot – but enough to make everyone not want to leave their house) made me realize that opting for  food delivery would be an exercise in futility in terms of the speed with which the food would get to me.

What to do?  Cook of course!

I had meant to pilot-test a new pan received for Christmas anyway!

Now, this is no ordinary pan, I discovered it in the most intriguing catalog.. I swear, flip through a few pages of Chef Catalog and watch out Bobby Flay!  Immediately (and in my mind only), I’ve become one of the top 10 the world.

So, off I go to test out my new Frittata Pan and make some breakfast and WHAT a SURPRISE! The fluffiest most wonderful belly filling frittata/omelet I have ever seen.

Here is my recipe if you’d like to try it:

(please feel free to make any kind of  substitutions! I usually grab what’s in the fridge)