Blog Critique of “How to start your day like a rockstar – By Malavika”

How to start your day like a rockstar « ♥ Malavika ♥.

The above link is an interesting and nice blog post and there are some great ideas for folks.I mean, who DOESN’T want to start their day like a rock star (minus the whiskey,  of course)..right ?? The one item though, that became my newest all time-favorite recommendation, is # 2.

Take the time to do something you enjoy doing in the morning

How do you start your day? Do you have a set morning routine/time/schedule that you never deviate from or are you more scattered? Do you start your mornings the same way whether weekday or weekend?

[If you haven’t done so yet,  please click & read the above post, thank you]                      Finished reading ?                                                                                                                     Great! OK, so now we’re all on the same pages and I will continue with my ramblings.

You see,  I can’t fathom a morning where I would ever, and I mean EVER   have the time to participate in such sunrise activities as to paint lanscapes, whip up an exquisitely cooked breakfast or ponder the day’s crossword puzzle over a steaming cup of coffee. No.

  1. First of all – mornings are for the snooze button.  Whether you have to hit that alarm clock two or fifteen times and attempt to smash it as if you’re playing Whack-a-Mole at a carnival, I don’t care. There is not one morning where I can recount that I actually leaped out of bed welcoming the day with open arms.  Anyway, the daily alarm clock battle usually takes a good 15 minutes… which, yes, COULD have been used to jog around the neighborhood.                                                                                                             
  2. Next, morning shower and race time.  My amazing race consists of frantically running around a 195 sq ft studio and collect as many pieces (socks, bracelets, right shoe, a non-expired metro card, etc…) that I laid out the night before. Yes folks, and thank goodness for being prepared, now need to grasp the concept of leaving all these prepared items in ONE specific area… So there we have it..that’s  another 10 minutes – which COULD have been spent cooking an exquisite breakfast..

3.  Brewing Coffee – Folks, this is NYC. There is no room on my 24×18 inch kitchen counter for a coffeemaker. I haven’t owned one since 1999. No. Instead, coffee is conveniently  found on every street corner with your coffee cart guy

4. Finally, my morning consists of  what should be included in the Olympics and named Obstacle Course of Madness Countdown. The commute.

The morning commute consists of: two subways, one Path  train, 15 minutes of speed walking and finally, climbing an 150-foot escalator.  All while feeling like I’m playing tackle football with throngs of tourists and the 5,156,913 other commuters that are in my way.

Now,  who has time for a crossword puzzle when there’s a frenzied commute to partake in? You never know how long it’s going to take, or which train won’t be working. Just the thought of taking time in the morning  to sit still in front of a crossword puzzle makes me twitch.

So, some great things noted, but not all very realistic for me (for now!).However, this made for a fun post.

So, how do your daily routines complare? What could you do different ? Would it change how you react to events in your day?

Let’s hear some comments! Have a great weekend all !

8 thoughts on “Blog Critique of “How to start your day like a rockstar – By Malavika”

  1. Your reality is unreal. Stand on the corner a few moments longer and smell the coffee cart. Wait a bit before you hury off. If you get there too soon you’ll just have to wait. Over all though yours is a good counter offer. She, Pacific coast. You, Atlantic coast. I want to hear from a rockstar who starts his/her morning in Chicago.

  2. Nice POST -MIstress….
    Breakfast —whatz that all about…? U Gotta Eat.
    & BTW –YOUR commute -is Your Gym Workout.

      • And I welcome your counterpoints. I hope from reading my blog you will see that I don’t believe in any right way or wrong way to do things. Just choices.
        And I love to know about how other people live. In fact, the busy NYC lifestyle is very attractive and appealing to me. But maybe with a little bit of zen too ;)! Hehe

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