Broadway Review: Mary Poppins!

Wow !!! If you’re around town – go buy a ticket!!!

Attended the Broadway show of Disney’s Mary Poppins and what magic !!!! The show was excellent!

First, hats off to the set designers, decorators and builders – beautiful set (a FULL house on stage among other things!) , excellent special effects (where on EARTH did that bed come from!?)

Second, the role of Mary Poppins was flawlessly played by a beautiful (and “almost perfect” in every way) Steffanie Leigh. The entire cast was terrific, great energy and sang their hearts out.

Truly hypnotized the entire time .. in fact, by the time the show ended, I was clapping my hands along with the rest of the audience and telling my family that I too- know how to spell… supercalifragelisticexpialedocious!

The only and I mean only – small critique of the show.. were the “naked statue” costumes… call me a prude if you must.. but I did raise an eyebrow at these dancing statues..Covered in white body suits, they had one very small leaf set in a specifically designated area.. To be honest, costume designers could have added three to four “leaves” because it was a little shocking – if not – distracting and just not necessary. Apparently, I’m not the only who thinks so.. Google it ! You’ll see.

Asides from that, the show was terrific – choreography, songs, set decorations, magic. It all blew my mind – from the giant lit umbrella, to the tap dancing on the ceiling, to the excellent song delivery, to Mary Poppins herself flying through the air.

Since we were there a little early, I wandered around the New Amsterdam theatre, which is most spectacular. Built in 1902-1903, it’s one of the oldest theaters in Manhattan ..and seating around 1,700 people, was the largest at the time.

Finally, If you’re ever there, look up at the ceiling… I happened to look up by chance.. but it was pretty neat!

Rating: 5 stars!

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