Frittata Nirvana

A grumbling stomach is what woke me up this morning (oh…ok, noon)…

Opening the window to feel the  frigid air and seeing two inches of snow (not a lot – but enough to make everyone not want to leave their house) made me realize that opting for  food delivery would be an exercise in futility in terms of the speed with which the food would get to me.

What to do?  Cook of course!

I had meant to pilot-test a new pan received for Christmas anyway!

Now, this is no ordinary pan, I discovered it in the most intriguing catalog.. I swear, flip through a few pages of Chef Catalog and watch out Bobby Flay!  Immediately (and in my mind only), I’ve become one of the top 10 the world.

So, off I go to test out my new Frittata Pan and make some breakfast and WHAT a SURPRISE! The fluffiest most wonderful belly filling frittata/omelet I have ever seen.

Here is my recipe if you’d like to try it:

(please feel free to make any kind of  substitutions! I usually grab what’s in the fridge)

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