No Smoking

Have any of you ever quit smoking?
Did you ever start back up and quit again or never touched another cigarette again? Or maybe just surrendered to the cravings all together and decided to quit “another day” ?
Considering the factors that

1) They are most unhealthy and guarantee premature death
2) Cigarettes are harder to quit the older you get
3) Cost $13/pack in NY

and a plethora of other reasons… that I am trying to stop .. yet again, as I had foolishly started back up after a three year hiatus.
Now, have done cold turkey, have done the patch, but since these were getting tougher to quit with, went to my doctor who prescribed Chantix.
After reading this horrifying article
I decided to skip the Chantix. A friend of mine did come up with a great concept though. Cigarettes are two things: 1) 600 chemicals and 2) nicotine; so get rid of the 600 chemicals first by switching to cigarettes like Natural American Spirits first, THEN kick the nicotine addiction by sleeping it off or using the patch.

Ok, worth a shot right?

Well, switching over to these “additive free” cigarettes last Thursday was definitely more than unpleasant – withdrawal symptoms, aches & pains, can’t breathe, etc. To the point where, If that’s what I have to smoke then I totally WANT to quit. So, this idea seems to be working. I think I am ready for the patch… Not bad!

Thoughts or comments my friends?

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