Freedom Tower


Today the Freedom Tower surpassed the height of the Empire State building. At 1,250 feet, it becomes the tallest building in NYC. I walk past it every day and have been watching the slow progress each and every morning for the past seven years now. A huge difference from what Ground Zero was prior.. may we never have to relive the moments of 9/11. The Freedom Tower is beautiful and let it serve as a reminder. Each time you may walk past it or see it on TV, remember the brave souls that lost their lives yet who will always be loved and cherished, and repeat the motto that forever lives in our hearts,


Martini Anyone?




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This Friday the first ever definitive documentary film about the life of Bob Marley opens in the US.  We were lucky enough to catch a pre-release screening of the film and were thoroughly moved by his story.

Of course we knew that Marley was a Rastafarian, the most legendary reggae singer ever but we didn’t know any of the details of his life.  Through interviews with his family and close friends, the movie tells his life story to its very premature end.  He died at 36 of cancer, an illness that many believed could have been prevented through early diagnosis and regular check ups.

Parts of his story made us feel sad, his tough childhood, his difficult relationship with his own children and of course his tragic early demise.  The story traces the history of reggae music, and the struggle and many years of hard work Marley put in to…

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R.I.P Dick Clark


On April 18, 2012, Dick Clark passed away of a massive heart attack. His career in radio/television started back in 1945. So, for my entire life, and at least once a year, Dick Clark was part of my family, as I am sure he was part of yours.
Dick Clark’s genuine warm smile and pleasant personality flooded through our television set every New Year’s Eve. He was there for all the amazing and fun New Year’s and also the not-so-great ones. He was a permanent fixture and there was no bringing in the upcoming year without his joyful voice booming out the countdown and always being the first one to wish us a happy one. I am sad he’s no longer with us in person, but I guarantee you that his spirit will be there with us, watching and celebrating every future New Year’s Eve. Rest in peace Dick Clark, you will be missed!