Order in the Court!!

The past two days, I have been participating in the Great American pastime we all know and love…
Jury Duty.
Now, images of Law&Order and Judge Judy may be flashing through your mind. However, the entire process is more “hurry and wait” (and then wait some more) rather than the swift action of those TV shows.
All American Citizens are required to participate as Jurors and expected to serve on at least one trial. Once the participation requirement is completed, you should not receive another summons for another 6 years.
The hours are 9 AM till 4 PM with a one to 2 hour lunch break. TWO HOUR lunch break??? Wow, and to think I have been scarfing down my lunch faster than Speedracer wins a race for the past 14 years.
Amazing what a difference it is to start your day at 9 AM vs 8 AM, having a long lunch break and ending your day at 4 PM vs 7 PM.
I could get used to this!
Does anyone have any horror or amazing jury duty stories?
Have a great day everyone! And if you need me, I will be on Centre Street, yelling “GUILTY your Honor!!!” .. well, at least in my head. 😉20120424-101346.jpg

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