Do you ever have those days where you would rather eat a live porcupine, needles and all, rather than go to work or do the things you need to do?
Yes, I am having one of those days…
On the bright side, tonight I will go check out Spiderman -Turn Off the Dark on Broadway!
In the meantime .. would you happen to know which street I could find a live porcupine in NYC? lol. Have a great day everyone !


Picture credit:http://www.bluebison.net/yosemite/animals/porcupine.jpg

Cable companies to expand free Wi-Fi – May. 21, 2012


Picture credit: Wikipedia

Ah – I so could have used this last week !  Well, I’m excited that it’s being rolled out.. Hoping it will simplify some things!


.Over the next few months, five of the nation’s largest cable providers will open up their 50,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the country.

via Cable companies to expand free Wi-Fi – May. 21, 2012.