8 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Old | Defy Your Age | Prevention.com

I must admit – I LOVE beauty products.

I’ve tried all sorts of brands from around the world (Korean face masks, Japanese lotions, French mascara, Spanish soaps, hand cream from Iceland, Russian lipstick, the list goes on and on)….

However, I have also been GUILTY of certain makeup/beauty product faux-pas and have been  known to …

 “Occasionally” apply layer after layer of makeup like it’s going out of style… (as if that really  would prevent it from disappearing by day’s end!).

Have been guilty of corrupting my friends by gleefully cheering them on after they recount horror stories of how they spent all their hard-earned cash on frenzied beauty-product-shopping-binges…

Been guilty of grabbing unsuspecting bystanders such as my very patient Great-Aunt and insist on demonstrating my agile makeup-application skills…only to have my subjects turn into dazzling rainbow-colored masterpieces (apologies and thank you great-aunt!)..

And finally, since my influence is such, I’m sure that the only way I will one day be able to exorcise my younger sister from a Sephora store will be by staging an intervention.

That being  said, this article rang true for me…and  I think I can safely step outside of my denial-comfort-zone (I do NOT look like an Oompa-Loompa mom! I look HEALTHY!), well,  just long enough to admit that I’ve also been guilty of all eight of these mistakes.

Anyway, I learned some interesting things and thought I’d share it. Enjoy !

8 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Old | Defy Your Age | Prevention.com.

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