Cut the Tedium from Your Life by Automating Everything This Weekend


Cut the Tedium from Your Life by Automating Everything This Weekend.

Happy Weekend everyone ! After a very rough week, I decided to TAKE it EASY and RELAX this weekend as I tend to not give enough thought to relaxation.

I generally have two settings:

  1.  The 100-mile-an-hour-24-hours-a-day-Multitasker Extraordinaire who manages to check items off from three simultaneous checklists while traveling to multiple cities and states in a short amount of time, all the while managing work projects, repainting the living room, calculating home budgets, composing songs, while baking, cooking and making time to walk dogs, visit folks in senior citizens homes and being a citizen role-model for all…. (LOOK OUT MISS USA!)
  2. Then we have….. The Professional-Time-Wasting-Engineer ….amused at surfing the internet, needlessly reorganizing things (re:alphabetizing s in the kitchen),  or who watches endless marathons of pointless TV shows and then sleeps for about 20 hours straight..

Ok , so  maybe I’m SLIGHTLY exaggerating…

However, in the hopes of REDUCING the sheer amount of items the supposed Multi-Tasker extraordinaire needs to carry out… and in the hopes of INCREASING the amount time that the  Professional Time-Wasting-Engineer likes to waste…..  I am going to execute some of the suggestions mentioned in this article today while relaxing….

Thought you would enjoy reading and/or benefit from it as well, if nothing more than maybe help you spark a brainstorm of areas where you can make your life more automated and streamlined. Overall aim this weekend is to do complete automation and streamlining in order to reduce stress and increasing your quality of life.

Enjoy !

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