I don’t know about you, but when I start working on a big project or have to change some aspect of my life,  visions of the finished product, success, trophy in hand immediately jump into my mind..

Now, during my school years that meant thinking of already having passed a test or already DONE studying for an exam .. when in reality I was only  15 minutes into learning the material..   Or, for example, the second day of going to the local gym..where I seriously thought that I may as well sign up for the Miss Fitness America Competition…. or the day I learned to knit and already had visions of a beautiful three-colored scarf made of fine yarn…..

Unfortunately, as lofty as these ambitions are, what tends to happen is that.. well,  NOTHING happens….The projects and end-goals become completely overwhelming ….     I end up having to REALLY study for the exam or risk failing….. I realize that becoming the next Ms.Fitness America will actually take  A LOT of hard work and dedication…. and that knitting takes an extremely long time to do when you are a beginner and don’t make the time for it.

So my problem is that  I always forget about the small steps. The little steps.  You know,  the ones …the important ones.. the ones that make up the entire MIDDLE part of whatever project or change you want to work on or make.

Yes, we feel excitement  at the beginning of starting something new – it’s a  world of possibilities out there… and we also feel satisfaction and relief and joy as the rewarding feeling of achieving something, ANYTHING, washes over us when we’ve completed it… but the middle part..well…. that’s labor, toil, sweat, tears, and pain my friends! Yet, THAT is what makes the end of it so sweet and THAT is what will help us succeed.

So together, let’s try to not feel overwhelmed by our future goals.. I’m going to work on steps 3 and 4 from the linked below…  I think I may need those the most!

How about yourself? Do you have the same issues? Are there any steps you may take to better yourself? Are you mostly  wondering how on earth anyone could possible forget about the small changes and steps? Heh, you’re not the only one, trust me.

Forget Big Changes. Just Take One Small Step

By the way,  that scarf I mentioned earlier? I  did manage to get it done… not through any reasonable small steps or changes, but through sheer stubbornness… and so… it only  took me 7 years to finish and was so lopsided it became a pillow case... but it did get done!  Ah, stubbornness.. That’s a post for another day…..

Have a nice Sunday all !


    • I agree about seeing that finish line! Though ‘they’ do say that positive visualization is a good thing ! 😉 As for those small steps, I just wrote myself a note on the back of two index cards – “Focus on the small steps 🙂 ” ..I taped one above my desk so I can see it each time I sit there, and one on the bathroom mirror so I’ll see it every morning.. Maybe this idea will help you as well 🙂 If you decide to try it, please let me know how it works out! I’d love to hear if it worked well for you.

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