Out of time or Just Procrastinating?

All of a sudden, it’s 12:30 AM …Sunday.. The weekend flew by, I’m not quite sure what I even accomplished. However,  I most certainly know what tasks I DIDN’T accomplish or  finish working on. I love the quote by Michael Jordan where he says,  “I’ve never lost a game I just ran out of time .” 

Well, I always feel  that I run out of time…. and as much as I’d like to blame it on that..the blame actually points right back in my direction and to the one thing we all know just oh-so-well….Procrastination.

I would say that procrastination tends to go hand-in-hand with “Time Management” skills… will definitely need to delve more deeply into this.. when we have a bit more free time! (hehe!)

Here are three interesting sites on the subject.  Have a great week everyone!

Procrastination is just signal that something is not right! | Being a successful Woman



3 thoughts on “Out of time or Just Procrastinating?

    • Thank you for mentioning the quote’s real origination! Pretty neat!
      As for the rearrange things on your desk – that had me chuckling the whole way home! I am the same way. Self-proclaimed Queen of Paper reshuffling and Stacking! 🙂

      • Note to self, procrastination deemed useful as comedy bit. Must think of ways to incorporate into daily use, minimally redouble efforts in procrastination in attempt to increase humor in life…. later, naturally. Not right now.

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