East Pacific

Being that the elevator in my building is broken – door stuck on the 5 th floor with blue tape covering the call button -on it written in black Sharpie marker is a warning – do not touch batoon
Well fine then…. and poor out of shape me – trying to run up seven flights – NOT a good idea …
Now, I had an appointment, had to run down those seven flights ( SO much easier !) and realized that – NO delivery man is going to run up this gargantuan Stair Master… and God forbid I try to cook on a weeknight! So here I am at East Pacific on 33rd and Lex in NYC.
This restaurant opened apparently two years ago – not sure how I missed it .. if you happen to be in the area and crave Chinese/Thai/Japanese food in a pretty lounge-like setting – then this is the place for you.
What I have found (so far!) that is absolutely amazing here is the Crab Rangoon, the boneless spareribs, the Mei fun noodles, and the Chef Special Chicken and Shrimp w/walnuts. It’s been a LONG time (if EVER) I have found such an excellent place. The food is artfully placed in placed in plates and/or takeout containers, it is perfectly cooked – not greasy, not chewy, just delicious .
Ah – here comes my order… Now, as I have to trek back up seven flights – you MAY just find me tomorrow morning sleeping in between floors 3 and 4 … but at least I will have a full belly!
Have a great night everyone !


2 thoughts on “East Pacific

  1. WOW!! A fancy new upscaled restaurant just to get takeout. I hope your elevator gets fixed quickly. I,m sure you don’t need that climb after the days you put in at work. Enjoy your supper.

    On Aug 13, 2012,

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