10 Actors Who Passed on Famous Movie Roles


10 Actors Who Passed on Famous Movie Roles.

Whaaaat??? Ha ha ha, I really cannot imagine any of these actors in the roles mentioned… Now, is that because the actors actually cast were better suited for the roles ? Or is it due to the fact that we’ve seen these films a dozen times and we are so used to the way they are portrayed?

What do you think of the actors for these roles? Are there any other movies that you think should have a different actor in a lead role?

Al Pacino as ... Han Solo ???


Candy Crush – Funny article


Do you play Candy Crush?

The article from the below link pretty much sums it up for me. In the same amount of time that I have spent playing this game.. I could have become fluent in Mandarin Chinese (I currently do not know a single word), I could have written a novel, oh heck, even probably memorized the dictionary…However, I tend to lean more towards ‘time wasters’ than doing something fruitful or useful with my time. So be it! Someone’s gotta do it, right? Never said I was perfect… And never said I hated chocolate till this game….

Enjoy the weekend everyone! 🙂