Fun with Plumbing

Good morning all!!

I don’t know how everyone’s day is going.. but thus far, my day has consisted of:

1) Noticing that there was paper in toilet – pressed down handle to flush.
2) Instead of water whirling downwards and disappearing – water moves upwards – quickly. TOO quickly.. Teetering at the edge..
Panic sets in.

Now it’s been a while since I’ve used a plunger – but I had (key word* had) FULL confidence in my abilities, this would be an easy task (I thought) & later I could recount the harrowing tale of the toilet showdown and impress my guy friends…

Buuuut… NOT so fast!!!

Had I taken a quick moment to refresh my memory, I would not have then made a MAJOR mistake. The mistake? Do NOT FLUSH again while water is sky-high, THINKING that a plunger will immediately execute its assigned primary function the very first time around.
Nope. Oh no, no, no! Because I did think that… And so, I went ahead and pressed down on the handle.. once again… and…

AAAAKKKK!!!! Water! Water ! OVERFLOW! FLOOD! S.O.S.!
Flowing! Rushing to the floor like Niagara Falls! .. Water everywhere !!!
Can’t even stop it!

Within seconds the entire bathroom was inundated with three inches of water…. HOORAY!!
Why, that is EXACTLY how I like to start my day!! (sarcasm) πŸ™‚

Nine super-absorbent towels later (yes, and now it’s time for laundry, sigh..) the bathroom was dry.. had to scrub everything down with bleach and basically restart my entire morning.

A FANTASTIC way to spend an hour! (insert more sarcasm) haha.

Anyway, to put a positive spin on it – the toilet has been fixed and the bathroom is SPARKLING clean!

I share with you, this link How To Unclog a Toilet . How I WISH I had read it prior to my misadventure.. perhaps you may find it useful as well… Good luck & have a great day all!


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