Crash-Test Birdy

Today was a nice and quiet, peaceful Sunday.. I was in Sunday “lounge-mode”,  surfing the web and sitting by the window at my desk. All of a sudden – THUD!THUNK!  The unmistakable disturbing sound of a bird crashing into the window.

Now, I was surprised – living in NYC,  my windows are anything but super clear – and the curtains were down.  Also, surrounding said windows are reddish/salmon-ish colored bricks (lol is that a new color I’ve just invented? Salmonish? Hmm.. Note to self: Contact Crayola first thing in the morning! 😉 I’m gonna be rich!  wheeeeee!) .. but I digress.. Lastly,  there is a metal fire escape and the bars are half the size of the windows.

So, again… Not quite sure HOW the bird missed all of these solid and seemingly noticeable structures..perhaps it was distracted by the sight of traffic below or maybe it was woozy from a “Bad-Bird Weekend-Hangover”.. Anything is possible..

I gather my courage and lean forward to peek through the curtains, and sure enough…There on the fire escape- breathing very rapidly (yay! Still alive!) a bird. Not some ugly old gray pigeon. No – a beautiful bright green/yellow bird. No idea where it came from.  In a panic now I reached out for advice on Twitter, quickly started doing Google searches – WHAT DO I DO !!???

The Nurse/Nurturing side in me instinctively emerged and within seconds I felt ready to setup a temporary, pop-up Bird Ambulatory service right there at my desk and/or become the self-proclaimed Snow White of the City (there’s no forest here, OK ?? Gotta make do..)  and tend to my new feathered friend until miraculously healed (and it would definitely be a miracle as I know nothing about birds and can barely put band-aids on humans).

Luckily, I found four websites.   According to statistics, over 100 million birds die each year from such collisions.  Here are the sites for your reference:

1) Helped identify the type of bird  (1) and (2)      (Well, at least helps to narrow it down… Not sure if mine was a  Warbler, ChiffChaff, Greenfinch.. probably a Greenfinch… Note to self:  Add “Bird Watcher” to my list of  Not-Your-Forte-Do-Not-Attempt Careers..I’m awful at figuring out which bird is what!)

2) What to do

3) What to do going forward

I followed the advice and left the stunned bird alone. After five minutes it moved its wing back into a less awkward position. I kept checking on it and finally, after ten or 15 minutes I lifted the curtain one last time.  Pretty Bird looked at me and seemed to wink  and nod it’s head as if to say “thank you” .. Then in a flurry, my fallen friend batted green/olive wings and poof! Gone!  Good luck Bird !

Have a great week everyone !


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