San Gennaro

San Gennaro

San Gennaro.

It’s time to head down to Little Italy in NYC for the yearly San Gennaro Feast!

This is one of my favorite feasts – terrific food, huge crowds buzzing with energy, and fun games to be found everywhere. Well, fun that is, as long as I stay away from any dart games.. (long story! Let’s just say that I can be very naïve at times,  yet also very competitive when it comes to winning… I WILL WIN! ROAR! So I’m sure you can just imagine – naïve & competitive does not  a good combination make !

However, I’m definitely looking forward to procrastinating my diet for another 7 days or so (it’s been 6 years of procrastination, what’s another week, right? Sigh..ha!  🙂 ) to get my yearly fix of zeppoles, fried Oreos, and sausage&peppers.  Yum. These are definitely my  “go-to” foods..(and yes, then I can probably “go-to” the gym!)

So head on down from now until September 22nd if you can. It should be a great time for all. Plus, very pleasant weather is expected.   See you there !

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