Grand Theft Auto V, an $800 million shocker

It must be  a celebration tonight for everyone over at Rockstar Games… as well as for the programmers and developers that worked on this latest video game in the  Grand Theft Auto series.  Rockstar Games is a subsidiary of Take-Two GamesGrand Theft Auto V was released yesterday, September 17th, 2013.

I mention this story and include the below link, not because I play this video game, but because I’m stunned at how much success it actually had in the past 24 hours of its release.

TOTAL expected sales for this game: $1 billion.

ACTUAL sales from the first day ALONE $800 million

In ONE day – it raked in $800 million!  $800 MILLION !!!! Not a bad start, right?! Wow.  In less than one week, if not within two days – sales will soar well past expectations.

Darn that 20/20 hindsight…..  I probably should have thought to invest in Take-Two Interactive Software’s, Inc (NASDAQ Stock symbol TTWO) prior to the release.

Sigh, maybe next time!

Have you purchased this game? Do you think it’s better than the earlier ones in the series?


Games-Grand Theft Auto V

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