All Bad Things Must Come to An End… BREAKING BAD

Breaking-Bad_Wallpaper-2There are only two episodes left of the gripping series, Breaking Bad.

 After a successful (and suspenseful!) five season run, the show will end –

Sunday, September 29th.

For those of you who would like to: catch up, refresh your memory, even begin watching the series (Yes! It’s not too late! Go for it ! The series finale is pretty much guaranteed to be water cooler gossip on Monday, Sept.30th!). Well, if so, then you are in luck as AMC will feature every single episode next week prior to the finale.  

Bryan Cranston  is fascinating to watch as Mr. White –  to the point where you forget that he is an actor and that this is a show.  Cranston is just that good in the portrayal of his character, Mr. Walter White – and in all his levels of transformation… from well-respected, mild-mannered chemistry teacher – to the feared and calculating Heisenberg ..and then to the present …. where  he seems to hover between both extremes.


Breaking Bad floods us with a myriad of feelings…

Anticipation, admiration, scorn, surprise, irritation, excitement but never one of boredom!  As a captivated audience, you become vested in this character… at times you root for him, other times you’re appalled by his behavior,  (and ashamed for previously having cheered him on!).  Yet, at other points in time – you see that Walt does seem to care and have feelings (about certain things/people anyway..)..

We then feel bad for this high-school chem teacher as we watch him racing headlong down the wrong path as he tries try to reach his goal. Everything originally stemmed from a ‘good place’ – a ‘noble cause’, but as the seasons unfolded, Walt’s entire situation exploded into complete chaos and out-of-control mayhem.  And we LOVE every minute of it.   Yes, despite all the deceit and tangled web of lies this modern-day Jekyll and Hyde seems to weave…We love, like, dislike and despise him – all at the same time.  We sit hypnotized, watching Mr. White’s weekly antics, and can’t help but wonder, ‘Oh, Walt, but couldn’t you have found a better way?’

I will be on the edge of my seat watching the series finale  as I feel the show can ONLY end one way….  However, I REALLY DON’T want it to end as such.

***How I would like for the series to end (me & my rose-colored glasses):

The Police: Oh no worries! All a big misunderstanding! We’ll put you and your family into the witness protection program! No problem! 

Walter White then signs up for the program, and rides off into the golden-orange sunset with his entire family and best friend Jesse at his side.  A letter from the hospital sits in the center console, stating that his cancer has disappeared (all the chemicals he was exposed to somehow must have mixed into a cure… sequel anyone?)..and somehow he has fully recuperated the $80 million dollars which are now sitting in the trunk!

Awesome ! Smiles all around. 

But no.

 I somehow have a very strong feeling that this will not be a potential ending.

So the only other option – is that the series concludes with Walt’s ultimate demise.

Here is my reasoning…Remember the first episode of this last season? Mr. White goes to his abandoned home, locates and removes a pill from behind the electrical outlet in his wall…Is he planning on killing himself? Why? No reason to keep on living? Well, the entire premise of the show since it’s inception has been about family and money – intertwined… . So..if there is no reason to keep on living – then that means either family or money has been affected in an irreversible way.

*** How the series will most likely end

Walt made the money to provide security for his  family.

(1) If there is no money, but still has his family – then he needs to make more money – and thus the series would continue.. maybe.

(2) If there is money,  but no more family –  then there really is no point for him to continue Though, he could run away, change his identity and hide out.

(3) If there is no longer any family or money – then there definitely doesn’t seem to be a point for him to continue what he is doing – unless his sheer will to survive overrides both reasons.

(4)  If he still has his family (which I sincerely doubt after last week’s fiasco) and they have money ..then he has succeeded in his original plan.  So again, he doesn’t need to continue doing anything.  There is just no way he’s going back to “normal”.  

All four potential outcomes point clearly to only one resolution, Walter White’s ultimate demise. How else could it end?

I can’t wait to see what happens – yet, at the same time, I CAN wait – because I don’t want it to end! .. But I suppose all good/bad things come to an end!

Enjoy the marathon and last episodes !

AMC will give ‘Breaking Bad’ a finale marathon –

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