Happy Halloween !






Good morning fellow goblins and ghouls, witches and trick-or-treaters!

Ever wonder the why, when, how, and where of Halloween?

Why is Halloween celebrated? When did this tradition begin? How did this sugar-fueled holiday come about?  And, finally, where was it created and where is it celebrated now?

All of the answers (as well as many other super-informative tidbits!) can be found in Halloween: The Fantasy and Folklore of All Hallows  provided by the Library of Congress.

I’m sure everyone will learn something new!  Also, if any of you fearless readers attempt the mirror trick mentioned – please let us know what, if anything (or anyone!) happens to show!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone!



Toys: A favorite from the 70’s/80’s


The Tree Tots Family Tree House

Saturday morning

I was randomly online just looking up toys….Well actually, maybe not so random. I was searching for toys to buy for my niece. It will be her first Christmas, followed by her first birthday… and, as she is also the very first baby of the family.. well, you can just imagine how excited I am and how I obviously want to buy her EVERYTHING in the whole wide world  🙂

So,  there I was,  looking up toys –  when all of a sudden…Flashback!!!  An image of a long forgotten toy popped-up on my screen.  A wave of nostalgia instantly washed over me.

How much I had loved this toy!! How many COUNTLESS hours I spent playing with it!  Memories came flooding back. I remembered everything.  The plastic green stairs that used to bend… but that never really stayed bent! The dog house shaped like a bush! I remember you could place the dog and/or Tree Tot people in it, snap it shut (yes, it really made that sound!), and then roll it full-speed across the floor so it would make a clanking/jiggling sound. The Tree House itself was awesome – it was even the most fun toy just to open and close! Press the button on the top of the tree to open and it would POP up.  To close you would have to press down on the top of the whole tree and slam it shut.  Ooh, and how about the elevator that was inside the tree trunk?! How many times did I cram waaaay too many things (Tree tot people? Their car, chairs, beds?) in that elevator .. which of course, would then invariably get stuck halfway up the tree trunk..Haha, good times!

Until today, I never knew the real name or the brand (was too little at the time). In fact, I don’t even remember it coming in a box! No matter, because there it was – The Tree Tots Family Tree House by Kenner.  I did a quick Google search for it, and found a fun article (below). I thought you might enjoy reading it as well.

Do you remember this toy? Did you have it as well? What was your favorite toy growing up?  Please reply, share responses!

*Article*    3 Reasons The Tree Tots Family Tree House Was Awesome.

* Here is a blog post of someone who loved it just as much!  http://candaceeatscake.blogspot.com/2010/07/kenner-tree-tots-treehouse-circa-1975.html

Have a great day!

Monster Oarfish, 18 Feet Long, Called ‘Discovery of a Lifetime’ – ABC News



Good thing this oarfish was not discovered by me but by a marine biologist…
I think I would have run/swam/disappeared SO very FAST – that all current Olympic track and swimming records would have been broken!!
Very impressive creature!



Daily Art Treasure Hunt! British artist Banksy in Manhattan


Banksy design

Everyone is running around Manhattan trying to uncover the art that elusive British artist Banksy is creating -and leaving – in random places this month.

So where best to hide ??

Well, out in the open of course !

Figures that he was selling his own work – out in the open – on the street by Central Park. (It’s just so obvious that nobody realized!!). His work is valued in the thousands – and yet, there he was – selling masterpieces for $60!  A definite SCORE for those lucky enough to have stopped to buy one of his precious designs.

So if you’re in the city this month, keep your eyes peeled!

Banksy could be ANYWHERE!

Great article below:

The ultimate fake-out: How I didnt buy a Banksy – U.S. News.

Banksy’s site: http://www.banksy.co.uk/

More on this:  http://www.cnn.com/2013/10/14/living/banksy-street-art-sale/



Breaking Bad AUCTION at www.screenbid.com


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Breaking Bad Auction…..

Auctions!  Breaking Bad! Movies! (currently – ‘This is the End’)..

Everything is up for the taking.. I would have loved the Hello Kitty phone from Breaking Bad, however, at the current bid of $4,500.00 – I think it will stay where it is.. .though it is fun to check out all the items from the show.