APPLE iOS Update 7..

So… as the ETERNAL Procrastinator   — I have yet to download the new iOs 7 update.

Actually, to be perfectly honest – this is not just due to my procrastinator-ship (is that a word?) … No? Not a word? Ugh, FINE!   Any who, thank to to this, let’s say:  very delayed deleting/moving/uploading/downloading actionable movement on my part (ah yes, due to this procrastinating thing, lol.) Well…..My phone, yes, THIS phone – is COMPLETELY out of room … I guess  128 apps, 541 songs, and 2,209 pictures will do it !

This  13.7 GB phone ends up only having 9.3 MB of room left…and, so I check my settings…  (Software Update) and then…  take a peek at this new iOs 7 download and the requirements needed….

And can you just BELIEVE what it says????  (Disclaimer: This may not be immediately obvious  to any persons not originally raised as a Catholic/in the Catholic religion….)

HAS ANYONE noticed?????

 The Software Update states iOs 7.0.2 Apple Inc.  is….666 MB.

I kid you not.


Say whaaaaaa ?? 666 ?

Oh, YAAAA…..  OK !

So,  either they are trying to be funny over at Apple..


OH NOW,  HELL’S NO !  I mess everything else up in my world!!  I am NOT about to ignore this joke!!

It’s JUST TOO OBVIOUS, right???

Well,  just in case… I am sticking with version 6.1.3. Thank you very much.

And just like that – for ONCE- I am GLAD to be a procrastinator.



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