Toys: A favorite from the 70’s/80’s

The Tree Tots Family Tree House

Saturday morning

I was randomly online just looking up toys….Well actually, maybe not so random. I was searching for toys to buy for my niece. It will be her first Christmas, followed by her first birthday… and, as she is also the very first baby of the family.. well, you can just imagine how excited I am and how I obviously want to buy her EVERYTHING in the whole wide world  🙂

So,  there I was,  looking up toys –  when all of a sudden…Flashback!!!  An image of a long forgotten toy popped-up on my screen.  A wave of nostalgia instantly washed over me.

How much I had loved this toy!! How many COUNTLESS hours I spent playing with it!  Memories came flooding back. I remembered everything.  The plastic green stairs that used to bend… but that never really stayed bent! The dog house shaped like a bush! I remember you could place the dog and/or Tree Tot people in it, snap it shut (yes, it really made that sound!), and then roll it full-speed across the floor so it would make a clanking/jiggling sound. The Tree House itself was awesome – it was even the most fun toy just to open and close! Press the button on the top of the tree to open and it would POP up.  To close you would have to press down on the top of the whole tree and slam it shut.  Ooh, and how about the elevator that was inside the tree trunk?! How many times did I cram waaaay too many things (Tree tot people? Their car, chairs, beds?) in that elevator .. which of course, would then invariably get stuck halfway up the tree trunk..Haha, good times!

Until today, I never knew the real name or the brand (was too little at the time). In fact, I don’t even remember it coming in a box! No matter, because there it was – The Tree Tots Family Tree House by Kenner.  I did a quick Google search for it, and found a fun article (below). I thought you might enjoy reading it as well.

Do you remember this toy? Did you have it as well? What was your favorite toy growing up?  Please reply, share responses!

*Article*    3 Reasons The Tree Tots Family Tree House Was Awesome.

* Here is a blog post of someone who loved it just as much!

Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Toys: A favorite from the 70’s/80’s

    • 🙂 Hi Susan! I saw one of them for sale on ebay once.. but, it was missing pieces and over $100… But you made my day with your comment, because it’s so neat to find others that enjoyed it just as much as I did. It really was SO much fun! 🙂 Good luck on your venture to find it, let me know if you do !

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