Trend: Saggy Pants


You’ve seen them everywhere, on both, men and women. Mostly, (it seems) under the age of 50.  I’m talking about the saggy pants look – those jeans and pants that hang wwaaayyy low.

Personally, I saw the trend emerge in the early 1990’s. I remember walking around the mall with a group of friends, and this guy Rob (who I had a crush on at the time) was wearing jeans that hung so very low that his boxers were showing. I had never seen this strange look and my curiosity was piqued.  I thought perhaps this was just some silly fad, and at the time, thought it looked kind of funny and ridiculous.  And so, I did the unthinkable.

What’s the best way to flirt with your crush? Right, embarrass him.

He was walking a few steps in front of me and I launched, no, catapulted myself forward, grabbed either side of his loose-fitting jeans, and — yanked downwards with all my might! Jeans around his ankles, (thank goodness the boxers were still intact!)  Rob glared at me and was NOT amused. In fact, that was the end of what could have been the whirlwind romance of my teenage daydreams!

It is now 20 years later and this look is still going strong.  Yes, I was wrong (again!).  The saggy pants look was not a fad. Perhaps a trend, but not a fad. In fact, since this look has permeated our social culture, aren’t you curious to know how it started?

Apparently, there are a few differing of opinions on how the look began.  Prison garb (either from having to hand your belt over to corrections officers or to show other inmates your “availability”)  vs. snowboard look vs. fashion wear .  Times have changed since the 90’s though, so be careful if you do wear your pants this way.. you can now GO to jail for doing so.

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One thought on “Trend: Saggy Pants

  1. This “fashion trend” should be considered indecent exposure. The result should end in arrests and heavy fines to the offenders. I blame the parents for their lack of structure and influence on their kids & I blame the young girls/women who don’t have a problem with it. In the long run, it is they, the young women who can affect and dictate the actions of these ignorant young boys. It takes a village…. folks. The village needs to come together and converge on these fashion misfits. People who choose to sag choose to contribute to the continual dumbing down of America, predominantly in our culture, the black culture. It’s amazing that most of the country’s black youth don’t even realize that. Why do you think our young people are getting killed & having the crap kicked out of them by the police? Our black-American youth are so self-absorbed that they’re too blind to even notice. The sagging trend WILL end because many of our black youth have marked themselves through their own ignorance and self-absorbtion to a point that they will become extinct if they don’t wake up & see what’s happening in their world. They tell the haters (I’m a hater of this fashion & PROUD of it) to have an open mind and not be so ignorant. Consequently, we’re seeing the same things thrusted into our faces when we see their skid-mark-ridden underwear, ignorance. This ignorance is frustrating and anger-insuing. Our black youth’s rebellion is sense-less and has no logic nor reason. Black youth of today aren’t producing anything that’s vital to our community other than increased revenues for fast-food restaurants & funeral homes, loud noises on public transportation vehicles and libraries, higher numbers of teen pregnancies, overuse of ebonics, increased murder rates, terrible rap music, the lack of common sense, the death of real Hip-Hop & overcrowded jails & prisons along with those stupid, sagging jeans. It is a joke to be showing one’s underwear. Don’t they realize that? Or are they just hapless, marketing Holocaust victims of ubiquitous assimilation? I think if the clothing designer who started this god-forsaken trend wants to back & inspire something, he should inspire his fellow black youth to learn to comply with authority figures. They’ll live longer, for one. he should inspire them to go to school and embrace properly-spoken English. They’ll be well-traveled & be better enculturated for two. He should inspire them to be writers and champions of injustice in our criminal systems. They’ll make positive connotative history for three. Our designer friend should inspire them to write awesome resumes & cover letters in order to acquire great careers as opposed to becoming rappers of a failing Hip-Hop genre where too many so-called artists are saying the same things & making the same amount of noise. They’ll command respect and get better credibility for four. My god, they even make it socially-acceptable to glorify prison life by shouting in public that they’ve been locked up, like that’s an accomplishment. Give me a break. Making statements like that only shows that the speaker of such a statement is stupid because he didn’t possess the wherewithal to avoid getting caught. Man, I’ve worked too damn hard to achieve my Masters in Education with expectation to witness other fellow African-Americans to follow in my footsteps and create great stories than cater to negative stereo-types set by ignorant black youths with no common sense. I’m sure the black pioneers in our rich history would feel that all displays of black anti-intellectualism would be considered an insult because those displays minimize all of the efforts they’ve done to fight for and acquire our freedom and civil liberties and rights and to see those efforts get dashed on the rocks through countless displays of ignorance through sagging is bound to make any hard-working, law-abiding black citizen cringe in disgust. Geez, I’m black and I feel that I don’t like our today’s black youth anymore. There, I’ve said it… This feeling can change, though. I really want it to change. So, I say (No, I IMPLORE) to today’s black youth to change their fashion. My fellow young brothas, raise your image by raising your pants so that I can like you again and want to continue to inspire & teach you again. Would you like someone to wear a piece of clothing that has a derogatory remark on it? I hope not. Why wear your clothes that way? It’s offensive. Pull them up. I know my statements will catch some flack from some goofys who condone the sagging trend but I am a strong opponent to this kind of anti-intellect.

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