Forget it ALL- Because you already know what to do

I give up.

And you should too.

What should we give up?  Taking to heart any set advice from the media and/or medical association.  Pretty extreme statement right ?

Well, hear me out.  I am annoyed – and I’m sure you are too.  Why? Because there comes a time (different times for different folks) when most people try to adopt a healthier lifestyle.  Perhaps due to the realization of one’s mortality, perhaps they have watched someone they love go through something awful that could have possibly been prevented,  due to increased knowledge or awareness of a specific subject, or perhaps it’s just due to a change in the person’s likes/dislikes.

Overall,  I think most people try to be healthy and some work very hard at it. Others may attempt to conquer one piece of advice at a time until integrated into their daily routine.

Yet, here we are – and all I read about is how whatever advice was previously given – well, seems to change.  “They” have either changed “their” minds or there is an update where  the advice ends up not being beneficial at all.

At least, that’s how things seem to me.

For example.

1950’s:  Prevent throat scratch! Smoke Cigarettes! … (Probably NOT a good idea)

1960’s:  Ease day-time fatigue! Pop an Alka-Seltzer! .. (Hmmm, that one’s new to me.. I may have to try it!  🙂  )

1970’s: Eat more carbohydrates to lose weight! ….  (Dr. Atkins is rolling around in his grave right now)

1980’s: Eat margarine instead of butter to prevent heart disease! (Oh wait – NOPE)

1990’s: Drink MILK for healthy bones!! (Oh wait, don’t do that.)

2000’s:  Eat Soybeans! Great for you! (Maybe. Maybe not.)

2010’s: Vitamin Supplements!!! (Weeellll…)

And tonight’s news on saturated fat.…

Look folks,  I’ve known people who didn’t smoke a day in their life, but that died of lung cancer at the age of 32. I’ve known people who ate SUPER-healthy and ran six miles a day – but died of a heart attack.  I’m sure you have had the same experiences.

On the flip side,  I’ve read stories such as the man in his late nineties who passed away (I think from California) who ate only sausage and pancakes every single day for decades. Yet, during his autopsy, doctors were stunned to find his insides as clean as a 30 year-old’s. (I can’t find this news story anymore, so if you find it, please send it to me).


Here’s my take on it – and I know that YOU know the same.  Do what you can. Try to avoid going to any extreme.

As my mom always says,  “Have a little bit of everything – in moderation.”

What do you think?  Please share your thoughts if you agree or disagree, have a great evening!

Interesting Links to note:   (GREAT site – one of my favorites)

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