Smile! Say “Cheese!”! The New World of Photography

What is constantly changing? The world of photography.

 Photos. Pictures. Your memories.

Here is a (very!) brief Timeline:

1888  The first “camera” is created and sold by George Eastman.

1843  Patent for panoramic picture is created

1932  Color photography for cameras and film becomes available for public use.

1948 The first Polaroid camera (instant pictures!) is introduced

1957 The first digital photograph is produced by scanning a photo into a computer

1997 The first cellphone picture is taken and shared

Now, it seems times are a-changing again. The photography trend seems to be headed in the direction of a more “inclusive” picture, in the spirit of panoramic film.   All of these are currently in “pre-order” status.  What do you think?  Will you be purchasing one of these?

Bubl Cam:


Eye Mirror:

Panoramic Camera Ball

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