Movie Review: The Lunchbox



A film for everyone, especially for romantics.
Nothing “bad” is shown in this movie, but people under the age of 18 may not have an appreciation for it – I think it may appeal more to celibate and married, middle-aged/older people.
The Lunchbox is an interesting film about a friendship that develops due to a error in the day-to-day process of having lunch delivered.
I was fascinated to see – and subsequently learn – about dabbawalas, which I didn’t know about.
During the film I thought, why aren’t there cafeterias? Why aren’t folks bringing their own lunches to work? But then I realized, this system helps increase wealth through the creation of jobs, and this process is part of a culture different than to what I have been exposed to. It really is fascinating, and I am so grateful for having learned something new!

The story and acting are terrific, I highly recommend this movie!