Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Happy Thanksgiving!

 Stop. Pause. Think.

The day-to-day for many, if not for most of us – is typically filled with what we experience as moments of: “RUSH, stress, frustration, no-time, confusionoverwhelmed“.

During such moments, it is extremely hard to feel any sense of gratefulness, let alone give thanks or demonstrate any expression of appreciation.

Most of my days are such a whirlwind, that in a typical 24-hour day I probably spend more time venting, pushing, planning, absorbing, strategizing, and working, that I end up feeling anxious and exhausted. At that point, the mysterious, angelic precursor to gratefulness that we call “patience” is pretty much nil.  Actually, not unlike a stick of dynamite at the end of a fuse just lit by an amped-up animated Roadrunner.

Perhaps you disagree.

 Perhaps that doesn’t describe you, not even in the slightest.

If that’s the case, I’ll be honest, that’s awesome and I’m both happy for you and jealous of you, and so you can skip reading this post as you are obviously way more evolved than myself and the rest of us …   However, I digress.

 I am 99% sure that at no point in my near, (or far), distant future will I be admired for the personal  “virtues” that encompass  “patience”,  “grace”, “acceptance” and/or “quiet reflection of thanks”.  I can also pretty much guarantee that any such virtues I may actually have will unfortunately bear no resemblance to those of  say, Mother Theresa’s.


Thus, I’m ashamed to admit..

that my feelings of gratefulness and of thankfulness tend to fall to the wayside.

A LOT.  And on many, MANY, days.

So today – “THANKS-GIVE-ING” DAY …

if you are reading these words and realize your days are eerily similar to mine..

Then, let’s do this together.


Give thanks.

There really is something – somehow, somewhere – to be grateful for.                              Even if you have to start small.  Very small.

For example, I’m grateful that I get to say the word “cornucopia” on Thanksgiving without having anyone look at me like I’ve officially lost my mind. It’s a fun word. I LIKE that word. It’s great that we have it.    COR-N-U-CO-PPPP-IIIIIA .  Try saying it out loud.  The letters roll right off the tongue. Such a fun, yet under-used word!

 See how easy it is to be grateful?

Start small.

Make a daily list.


by Thanksgiving 2015 – let’s see how much our lives have improved

(if anything, at least we will FEEL like they have improved!)

Enjoy tomorrow, have a wonderful Thanksgiving day!

(and thank YOU for reading!!)

Cornucopia. Cornucopia 🙂 

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