Beauty.. Does Your Face Fit “the Mask”?


Chasing Beauty


Have you seen the documentary, Chasing Beauty“? 

I am completely fascinated by this beauty “mask” they mention in the movie. Apparently,  utilizing The Golden Ratio, a mask has been devised, which, when placed over a person’s picture, shows you how “beautiful” a person is.

See a video demonstration here:

Try it out for yourselves here:

What do you think? Do you agree? Disagree?


Marquardt Beauty Mask


Forensics Development Awesomeness


Have you ever tried Crystal Skull Vodka?

Or just bought the bottle because it looked so neat? Well, a few years ago I bought the bottle because of its unique shape (and I’m a sucker for fun / different packaging!) … and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the vodka was pretty gosh darn good too!

Anyway, instead of throwing  the bottle away – you can always re-purpose it, perhaps as an art project –  like I did..

Skulls (by Marilique)  2011

Skulls (by Marilique) 2011

Or , you can do something totally different  – but just as creative ! Check this out… Very cool stuff..