Seriously Subway ???


images (7)I always loved Subway – the best part of any trip there was opening their door and having the warm aroma of baking bread surround you. However, today a news story was released and I am disgusted with them.

Apparently, Subway’s bread doesn’t consist of simple bread ingredients.  To make bread you basically need four ingredients. Flour, water, salt, yeast.  Not hard, right?

Subway is in the process of removing a chemical from their bread called “Azodiacarbonamide”.  This chemical increases elasticity they say.

Seriously ???

I’m angry. I’m annoyed. I’ve been deceived.  Why?  I go to a place expecting to eat a certain food  – in this case – bread.   So, I think I’m eating bread.  If there were any kind of added anything into said product – then I would expect to see it described or noted in their Nutritional Information.

This chemical is NOT listed in Subway’s nutritional information.

I don’t understand how they feel OK with using the slogan “Eat Fresh”.  Chemicals don’t exactly scream “FRESH” to me.

Do me a favor folks – click on this and go to page 8 to the section labeled 8.4.2 Chronic exposure and carcinogenicity … then please tell me what you think.

Subway is worth billions.

You’re telling me they couldn’t afford JUST the BASIC ingredients to make bread without any added chemicals or additives?

GOOD JOB SUBWAY – not that you care obviously, but you just lost a customer.