Did Apple’s iOS make you physically SICK? Try swallowing version 7.1 • The Register


Did Apple’s iOS make you physically SICK? Try swallowing version 7.1 • The Register.

Here we go again.. Another update.

All I know is –  that ever since I updated to the current version – nothing seems to work.

Every app takes (what seems to be anyway)  a million years to load. Every time I try to play music now, I see that pending sign – spinning circle… spinning circle… spinning circle… I can literally walk for 20 mins without hearing a song. It’s frustrating enough to make me see red and get so enraged that I feel ready to choke the first person I see walking past me.

However, we ARE LIVING  in a civilized society, so let’s HOPE that this update fixes such issues….

Or you best be praying not to cross my path first thing in the morning… 🙂   ha!


It’s 2014 Grammy Time


Grammy Awards

Watch the 56th Grammy Award Ceremony tonight at 8 P.M. !

For those of you planning on watching the ceremony, here is a printable ballot template for you to select your picks!

 Enjoy !

Ballot Template:  https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B6pfT6t7p1lWRXZnSU02SlpFOXc/edit?pli=1

Website credit for the ballot:   http://www.thegoldknight.com/2014/01/56th-grammy-awards-printable-ballot-2014.html

Official Grammy Website:  http://www.grammy.com/

Wikipedia Information:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grammys

Heaven Found !!!

Look no further because tonight…. I found HEAVEN!

And heaven on earth is located right on Third Avenue in NYC, can you believe it??

Tonight – dinner was at TEQA located in the  Murray Hill section of Manhattan –

443 3rd Avenue between 30th and 31st Street


And to describe this dinner… There is only one acronym that can be used ….

O M G !!!                                                                                                                               HEAVEN on earth !!!!

If you’re in the vicinity of Third Avenue and 31st Street and enjoy…

        Eating… (or in my case, scarfing down in about 14 minutes flat) delicious Mexican food in an awesomely fun and cozy setting (not too dark and not too bright …the lighting is juuuuust right!), decorated with special boards created exclusively for Teqa by celebrity tattooist PaulieTattoo , attentive and smiling waitstaff, an all around great guy and ever-so nice & pleasant manager ..all the while accompanied by the latest house music (that will make you bounce in your seat!)…

Then you are in the right place!

It all started with an Oaxacan Fondue appetizer of bubbling cheesy goodness, then to one of each of their Global Tacos: Blackened Shrimp (spicy with incredible Cajun salsa), Jalapeno Teriyaki Chicken (the Togarashi pepper gives it the perfect kick), Kurobuta Pork Belly (delicious!!), and finally the BBQ Pork Burnt Ends (my favorite of the 4!)…. The side of their grilled corn dusted in Chili pepper and Cojita cheese was the best corn I have ever eaten (sorry mom!..but at least I ate my veggies!!).. all washed down with their signature Tommy’s Margarita (excellent!)….

Definitely my favorite place by far in a LONG time..

Have a great Tuesday evening everyone!